ARII will be the parent organization and home for The Marshfield Coastal Hazard Lab (MCHL) & Marshfield Coastal Academy (MCA). ARII is being established through the collaboration of the Town of Marshfield, Marshfield Public School District, Northeastern University, and the Marshfield Chamber of Commerce.

Building Industry Partnerships


ARII seeks to support industry partners in developing and bringing to market next-generation coastal hazard mitigation solutions


Industry partners will influence future target datasets


ARII-MCA gets workforce development opportunities and steering


ARII-MCHL gets access to funding, industry R&D pipelines, real-world applications, and top-tier industry talent


Utilize technology transfer agreements and commercial data licensing to drive additional revenue opportunities guided by NU’s deep solutions development experience

Marshfield Chamber
Northeastern University
Town of Marshfield
Marshfield Public Schools
Kaitlyn Litchfield Photography
Spin350 Creative

5 Year Goals

  • Grow ARII to 10 permanent staff
  • Transition ARII operation to permanent funding via industry partnerships, endowment,
    and MCHL revenue
  • MCA Workforce Development: 2 cohorts per year containing 40 students; totaling 350+students over 5 years
  • MCA STEM-Enrichment: an experience for all ~3,900 Marshfield Public School Department students every academic year and at least 1 HS-level opportunity for 10 adjacent communities (Cohasset, Duxbury, Hanover, Hingham, Kingston, Norwell, Pembroke, Plymouth, Scituate, and Weymouth)
  • MCA to acquire a permanent HQ
  • Transition MCHL operation to permanent funding via paid research, as well as state and federal agency contracts
  • MCHL filing and disclosing Intellectual Property (IP) regularly; hired an IP portfolio manager
  • MCHL executed revenue-generating IP licensing agreements
  • MCHL host annual industry and academic conference to showcase research and attract talent
    to the region
  • ARII host annual community day to share lessons learned with regional residents
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